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Nashua Telegraph: Candidates Talk Importance on Farms at Discussion in Temple

A nice summary about the July 23rd Democratic candidate forum held at Connolly Brothers Dairy Farm in Temple.   




Hillsborough County Conservation District Honors a Cooperator of the Year for 2011

A Conservation District Cooperator is a producer (agriculture or forestry) who is committed to working with the Hillsborough County Conservation District (HCCD) and its partner the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  These Cooperators are continually striving to be good environmental land stewards and work to make necessary improvements on their land that will benefit the environment.  Cooperators have a conservation plan created by NRCS professional staff and look to it as a “to do list” of tasks that will be completed on their land.   

At the recent HCCD Annual meeting, Keith Marshall of Wilson Farms of NH was recognized as the Hillsborough County 2011 Cooperator of the Year.  Keith was recognized for his many efforts and accomplishments on the farm.  A large practice Keith has recently implemented is deep zone tillage to help build up the soil organic matter and to use for cover crops.  Keith has been extremely supportive over the years in participating in cover crop trials as well as a leader in incorporating Irrigation Pest Management principles with sweet corn and other vine crops.  He should be commended on his use of crop rotation practices as well.  Wilson Farm has been committed to complete extensive soil nitrate testing on a yearly basis.  Finally, the farm currently has a nutrient management plan and continues to successfully implement practices outlined in the plan. 

Hillsborough County Conservation District Awards a 2011 Conservation Teacher of the Year

Every year, HCCD puts out a request to all county schools, public and private, for nominations for a conservation teacher of the year. The purpose is to recognize those teachers who are making significant contributions to natural resource stewardship and conservation education. Schools, teaching teams and individual teachers have been recognized in the past. Since a major goal of HCCD is to provide conservation outreach and teaching tools to educators, and feel teachers who go the extra mile to incorporate natural resource lessons into their mandatory curriculum, should be recognized for their efforts.

Mike Smith, Science Teacher at Mascenic Regional High School in New Ipswich, was awarded HCCD’s Conservation Teacher of the Year for 2011. In a nomination submitted by Science Department Chair, Samuel Cetrano, it was clear that Mr. Smith goes above and beyond and is truly an environmental teacher, conservationist and steward of our natural resources. While he provides good classroom instruction, the students are constantly learning outside as well. From participating in the remediation of the Furnace Brook Watershed by offering water quality monitoring services, an Earth Day river cleanup, and planting buffers to building a working biogas digester capable of supporting the cooking needs of a household, Mr. Smith’s students are truly learning the importance of our environment and how to be good stewards. As a result of the exposure Mr. Smith’s students have been provided, some students have taken it upon themselves to participate in an old growth study in Wilton, hunting management units throughout the state and one student even converted a 1980 VW Rabbit to run straight on vegetable waste oil. Mike’s experience as a farmer during the summer helps relate real world experience to his students and brings the environment directly into the classroom.