The Hillsborough County Conservation District offers a wide range of resources available to County residents, environmental professionals, municipalities, schools and community organizations such as Boy and Girl Scout troops.  Come by the office and peruse through the wealth of information we have on soil and water - from brochures and books to soil maps and GIS information, we have quite a library of information all FREE!  

Teachers and Boy & Girl Scout troops take advantage of the many educational resources we have available FREE to loan!  From our non-point source pollution watershed model to our interactive Greenhouse Gro-Lab models, we have something for everyone.  

Visit for Schools and Organizations for details on other offerings.

Looking to apply for Current Use on your property, trying to reduce your property taxes, have us complete a Soil Potential Index (SPI) Report for you.  This is a fee-for-service report, but a small fee can really be an impact and make a difference.  Contact the office for more details. 

To see more of what we offer, visit Resources for Landowners and Municipalities.