Resources for Landowners, Professionals, and Municipalities

HCCD and NRCS work together to aid Hillsborough County's rural and urban landowners, farmers, surveyors, engineers, real estate professionals, and municipalities with:

Natural Resources Information and Education:

  • Pond Workshops
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Availability: NRCS/HCCD Office - Milford:
  • 1974, 1952, 2004
  • UNH Cooperative Extension - Goffstown:
  • 1952, 1964, 1974, 1981, 1993, 1999 (If possible, please call to schedule a time to visit the office to view photos)
  • Soil Survey Maps - Copies of soil maps are available in the HCCD office. Books are broken down into two parts - Eastern (1981) and Western (1985) Hillsborough County. Books are FREE if you pick them up at the office. If you would like them mailed, the charge is $5.00 per book.
  • Backyard Conservation Kits
  • Various Publications and literature related to conservation

Feel free to call, email or come by the office for specific topic-related materials.

Products and Fee-Based Services:

  • Flower Bulb Program (Spring & Fall)
  • Tree & Shrub Program (Spring)
  • Soil Potential Index (SPI) Reports - $50 fee (Current Use Information)
  • Please allow 2 weeks for completed report.  Fee must be paid prior to receiving your report. 

Conservation Problem Solving:


  • Erosion Control Practices
  • Pesticide and Nutrient Management
  • Animal Waste Management
  • Wildlife Management Practices
  • Minimum Impact Applications
  • Pond Management
  • Irrigation Practices
  • Grazing Land Management


  • Sediment and Erosion Control
  • Site Plan Reviews
  • Storm Water Management
  • Sil Suitability


  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Wildlife Management Practices

Forestry and Woodland

  • Erosion Control
  • Wildlife Enhancement and Management
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Forestland Evaluation and Site Assessment (FLESA)

Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA), or Conservation Planning

To request assistance, please contact HCCD to review your needs and complete a District Cooperator Agreement form. Your request will then be given to an NRCS employee who will be in contact.

NRCS Cost Share Programs available to landowners in Hillsborough County requesting assistance in their conservation efforts on their property.  Visit NH NRCS for more information or call Chad Cochrane at 673-2409.